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The Kennedy Commission is committed to improving the quality of life for lower income working families and strengthening our communities. However, our success depends on our member’s support to help us continue our good work and to carry out our mission to make affordable homes available to everyone.

Together, we can continue to:

  • Implement effective affordable housing policies and funding sources to increase affordable home opportunities and developments in Orange County.
  • Advocate for more funding sources for the development of affordable homes in California.
  • Build a strong network of resident and partners to increase affordable home opportunities.

Membership Benefits:

  • Be engaged on the affordable housing advocacy efforts at the local, state and federal levels
  • Invitation to Kennedy Commission events and networking with affordable housing partners
  • Registration fee discounts for Kennedy Commission’s sponsored events
  • Member updates can be featured on Kennedy Commission’s website and e-newsletter
  • Developer members are eligible to be considered for a development award at the Affordable Housing Awards (AHA) Breakfast
  • Membership is tax deductible

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Resident Highlights



Living in high-cost, overcrowded and substandard homes inevitably hurts families and our communities. Our work and advocacy for the development of homes that are affordable and safe not only improves the quality of life for many lower income Orange County households, it also provides a foundation to building a stronger community.  


Read the stories of Orange County residents who recently moved into an affordable housing development and how it has changed their lives for the better.

Amy Jesse_Vista del Rio.JPG

Thank you for helping me achieve my dream of living on my own!

I use to live with my mom and dad and it’s nice to be independent now. I love it here! I like how everything in my apartment is accessible for me. I now feel more responsible for my own things and well-being. I also like all my new friends!

People with disabilities just need a little help. They can have their own apartment but they just need some assistance.

Vista del Rio, Santa Ana

Rosa_Serrano Woods.JPG

We are very grateful! It’s a dream to have a home like this!

Before, we moved a lot and lived in overcrowded apartments. It was very difficult for our children. Our youngest son had many asthma attacks and our eldest son has ADHD.

Now, we live in a safe and affordable home. Smoking is prohibited here and my youngest son’s asthma attacks significantly decreased. With more space at our home, it has also improved my eldest son’s anxiety attacks.

Serrano Woods, Orange


This is my first place, my first HOME.

Before we moved here, our family lived in a transitional housing shelter for one year.  Now, we live on our own and don’t have to worry about getting situated.  We also have extra money for important necessities.

Some people think affordable housing is a slum but this is the BEST PLACE I have seen in my whole life! Thank you so much for taking the chance to invest in affordable housing! Living here has been a life-saver.

Park Landing, Buena Park