Housing Costs vs.
Household Income

There is often confusion about the term affordable housing and what it applies to. While affordable housing covers many different income levels and price ranges, what makes housing affordable is the ratio of housing costs to household income. The word affordable, as defined by the federal government, means that housing plus utilities should not cost more than 30 percent of household income.

Determine which income level you fall under by utilizing the provided table from the Department of Housing and Community Development.



  Orange County Income Limits for 2018 - Affordability Defined

  Orange County Income Limits for 2018 - Affordability Defined


Learn More About Orange County's Affordable Rental Housing List


There are many high-quality affordable rental communities located throughout Orange County. Unfortunately, due to the extremely high demand for these apartments, most affordable communities have waiting lists.

To find out the availability of affordable units in your community, please refer to OC Community Services’ comprehensive Affordable Rental Housing List .


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